Just A Little About Us

As a professional property management company - we work with you to meet your management needs. 


Our staff has many years of experience in managing the rental of commercial, residential, homeowners associations, strip malls, and apartment properties just to name a few.


Licensed property managers will handle financial operations or your rental property, ensuring rent is collected and that mortgages, taxes, insurance premiums and maintenance bills are paid on time. Screening of prospective tenants ,maintaining rental agreements, maintaining occupancy, getting bids and hiring of insured sub-contractors to perform maintenance and complying with Fair Housing Laws-all of which is just the tip of duties. 

We will advertise your vacancies and prepare a monthly statement to be mailed along with your proceeds check-after the 20th of each month.


With the condos and community associations-management of common property, payment of bills, bids for maintenance, collection of regimes and handling any litigation issues. We work with you to prepare a budget and maintain a reserve account. We attend monthly board meetings and prepare a monthly statement with copies of all bills attached to be mailed after the 15th of each month.


Contact our office to set up an appointment to come in with any questions or concerns. We can't possibly list everything that we do on this page, so we offer a more extensive list elsewhere on this site, but we hope that this gives you an idea of what we are about. In our experience it is best to have a "buffer" between you and your tenant because you should feel good about your investment and have the freedom to experience the benefits of that investment - and we can help you to do just that! 



We realize that as a property owner you may want to enjoy the benefits of owning without the hassles associated with it. Here is a sample the services we offer and what you can expect when we manage your property.

Prompt, Professional Repairs & Maintenance


Whether it's plumbing, electrical, roofing, landscaping, painting or flooring -- or any other request for maintenance, repair, or insurance restoration-- we're on the job for you! Best of all, our clients always get the best possible price, because our size and established vendor relationships allow us to achieve economies of scale -- including comprehensive insurance coverage protection -- other management firms can't match. Of course, free estimates can be provided in advance for your approval.

We Know Your Local Rental Market


Are you charging high enough rent for your apartments? With local real estate markets affected by many different economic and other factors, how can you be sure? Is rent control an issue? Roland can tell you! We conduct periodic market surveys and property evaluations in your area to ensure your property is competitive with or superior to other comparable buildings, and that your rents are maintained at appropriate market and regulatory levels. Knowledge is power -- and we put our knowledge to work for you, every day!

Real Peace of Mind for Property Owners


So, you don't want or need a full-service management company right now? Or you just aren't sure whether one is right for your property? Well, our unique "Peace of Mind" program offers all the benefits of a big property management firm... would you rather do your own maintenance, saving both the possible added expenses of material cost and labor? We can tailor your contract to exclude our maintenance services.

Taking the Hassle Out of Evictions


Of all the duties property owners assume, few are more stressful than carrying out an eviction against a problem tenant. At Roland Management, our in-house legal team takes this bothersome chore off your hands completely! What could be easier? You need not be bothered with court hearings or ejecting a deliquent renter anymore - we handle it all!