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Management Services

With our wide array of Real Estate knowledge and expertise, be assured that your investment is in good hands. RENT! RENT! RENT! We fill vacancies faster and at higher than market rental rates. Property management is a very delicate matter. We are committed to maintaining an unparalleled diligence and understanding to the success of our client’s goals.  Our number one priority is for our client’s investments to achieve their maximum potential!

Clients We Serve

Family Trusts / Landlords / Investors


Our leasing agents, along with our property supervisors are licensed property managers, which insures the utmost quality in service. Our managers have an extensive background in full service property management, real estate leasing and marketing. Our main focus is to optimize the return on your investment while providing attention and care your property deserves. With our persistent hard-line marketing strategies you will come to fully appreciate the immense financial rewards.

Property Managment

Our primary function is to overcome the objectives while preserving and increasing the value of your investment property.


  • We offer competitive fees and include a 12-month contract.


  • Licensed real estate BROKERS on staff to manage every aspect of your property. 


  • Payment of all property bills including but not limited to: mortgages, property taxes, insurances and vendors. 


  • Diligent and discreet evictions including court appearance. 


  • Develop an aggressive marketing plan. 


  • Establish positive tenant, management and landlord relationships

Leasing Services

We understand that the most important and complex issues to arise from leasing and negotiating lease terms are, obviously the rental rate, careful selection and screening of prospective tenants. Our aggressive marketing experience enables us to evaluate a property and develop the appropriate leasing program with an above market rental rate. The careful selection and screening of prospective residents is critical and we make it our priority.


  • Market and present your property to prospective tenants. 


  • Provide any and all disclosures including but not limited to pet disclosure, mold disclosure, and lead paint disclosure essential house rules and any required state and federal de essential house rules. 


  • All leads are professionally pursued on a daily basis. 


  • Expose your property to thousands of prospective tenants by submitting your property to high traffic websites, local newspapers and weekly open houses. 


  • With our creative advertising and hard-line marketing techniques we have a proven marketing 


  • Careful and thorough tenant screening, Full credit report, Nationwide background investigations and unlawful detainer search.


  • Reference checks, employment and income verification.

Managing  Maintenance

We function effectively at four different levels of maintenance operations:


  • Preventative maintenance, Corrective maintenance, Routine maintenance, New construction 


  • Safety inspections are conducted in accordance with federal and state housing regulations including but not limited to; JFI outlets, door and window locks, weatherization, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. 


  • Outside vender selection and supervision with 24-hour management of all maintenance and emergency calls provided. 


  • Computerized tracking of maintenance for each property.


Marketing is a key component in every aspect of property management. Therefore a well planned hands on tactic can and will enhance the prestige of the building, thereby generating consumer demand for vacancies in the premises and higher rental schedule. 


Free estimates can be provided in advance for your approval.

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